Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Step Aside, Gents. Witness The Rise of Women in Coffee" -NPR

...As the International Trade Centre has documented, women on family-owned coffee plants in African countries take on about 70 percent of maintenance and harvesting work. Yet they tend to have little or no control over their farms' finances, and they typically do not own land or have easy access to credit.
But change is coming. 

Increasingly in Central and South America, women are making progress. On Tuesday, we documented the story of Guatemalan farmer Miguelina Villatoro. In Colombia, 47 percent of the National Federation of Columbia Coffee Growers' members are female. In fact, one-fifth of that country's farms are owned and operated by women, according to the federation.
(read the full article here).

From the Ground Up sources a fantastic coffee from CODECH in Guatemala; Cafe Mujeres, which is not only comprised of female owners, but the profits are going towards building a women's health clinic in the community!  Taste some here

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