Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Caffeinating Portland

Urban Dictionary's definition: 
1. Caffeinating: The act of loading up on caffeine. 
"Raura's currently caffeinating in the break room."

Last week was the SPECIALTY COFFEE ASSOCIATION'S ANNUAL EVENT in Portland, Oregon where coffee gurus from all over the world come to discuss, learn, advise, and network about all things coffee. I decided to go to a few lectures and of course, the Expo floor. More to come on that later. Some highlights of the trip include: 

Latte Art Throwdown in Portland's Convention Center... these were pretty amazing works of art considering they had a few beers on stage with them. 
 We were NOT prepared for the weather. The forecast should just read, "Rainy...Always."
 A surprise guest spoke at the Opening Ceremonies: Mr. President of Honduras! Porfirio Lobo Sosa gave a lovely speech about coffee growing in his country and the families that are dedicated to the trade. He was speaking in his native language while the transcriber put his script on the big screen, which was pretty off, so the Spanish-speakers would laugh at a joke and then 20 seconds later the non-Spanish speakers would read it and laugh! Always fun. 

Also, our logo and website are complete! Thank you Karen at Good Work Group for doing an amazing job!

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